Neonatal cannula securement

Cannulaide baby

As many as 10% of all babies born in the US can benefit from some degree of breathing support. The CPAP Cannulaide can enhance the quality of the CPAP seal and may help reduce irritation to your patients.

Product Details

  • CPAP Cannulaide is sized to fit the cannula. This helps keep the prongs straight and positioned in the nares, away from the sides of the nose.
  • The pressure seal is maintained by CPAP Cannulaide rather than the infant’s nose so there is no need for the prongs to touch the nose. When the seal is maintained against the patient’s nasal mucosa, it is often necessary to switch to larger and larger prongs in order to maintain a competent pressure seal. Since the larger size prongs are farther apart, they add to the patient’s irritation. With the CPAP Cannulaide enhancing the pressure seal, you don’t have to use the larger prongs and irritation is minimized.
  • CPAP Cannulaide works with most nasal prongs. CPAP Cannulaide is translucent to aid in inspecting the condition of the patient’s nares, which should be done frequently.




 Cannulaide® FAQ



Base Material Hydrocolloid adhesive with polyurethane top film
Color Translucent
Repeat/Chronic Skin Contact Yes
Hypoallergenic Yes
Fluid Resistance Yes
Moisture Vapor Good
Total Life 18 months

FAQ on Cannulaide®